I have installed my brand new lithium battery but it's not charging.

If your new lithium battery refuses to take a charge, quite often this is a charging circuit issue rather than a battery issue.  We always recommend that you follow this procedure if your new battery refuses to take a charge.

1. unplug the charger from the device.
2. Remove the plug of the charger from the mains socket.
3. Leave disconnected for 30 Mins from the mains.
4. Disconnect the battery itself from the device by either removing the battery from the device or disconnecting the battery plug from the device.
5. wait 30 Minutes then reconnect the battery to the device.
6. reconnect the power to the device
7. plug back into the mains socket.

This procedure resets the charging circuit of the device and in 50% of cases will cure the issue.

If the above does not cure the issue and the product is a laptop or tablet we recommend trying one more thing.

1. go to the manufacturer's website and look for the latest bios update.
2. read the instructions on how to check the version of bios that you have.
3. Update the bios of your device if you are not running the latest version.

Once you update the bios you may need to follow the first reset procedure again for the battery to start to take a charge.